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Burns' Natural Dog Treats

Our D. Burns dog treats are made from 100% real meat, are completely gluten and grain-free, containing no artificial flavours or additives.


The natural air-drying process minimizes damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes contained in the natural ingredients so your dog is getting nearly all of the benefits of a raw food diet, so you can rest assured that your dog is getting a real healthy treat that is super tasty too.


All the products are made in the UK from 100% natural, quality ingredients. Products may vary in size, colour and shape.

 Air Baked Pigs Snouts Image

Air Baked Pigs Snouts

Pig Snouts are air baked and dried so the treat keeps the delicious flavour. Low in fat, 100% pork treat.

Biltong Image

Beef Biltong

The Beef Biltong treats are a big favourite. The air drying process helps to lock-in the natural taste and which makes them irresistible to even the fussiest of dogs!

Beef Skin Plates Image

Beef Skin Plates

Made from 100% beef, this treat is tough, very long-lasting and superb value for money.

Beefy Tendons Image

Beefy Tendons

A delicious, long lasting beef treat, that will keep your dog quiet for a while!

Black Pudding Sticks Image

Black Pudding Sticks

Black pudding sausage chew. Made with 100% meat. There are NO biscuit or cereal ingredients. That’s why our black pudding sticks are GLUTEN FREE and super tasty!

Bronco Steak Image

Bronco Steak

Bronco is 100% natural, contains NO additives, flavourings or preservatives. Bronco is also known as ‘Puffed Jerky’ and is made purely from beef lung.

Buffalo Trachea Image

Buffalo Trachea

This treat is seriously tough and long-lasting for even the strongest of jaws, whilst also helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Camel Jerky Image

Camel Jerky

A Natural alternative to rawhide this long lasting treat made from 100% pure camel hide packed with natural flavour and goodness which will keep most breeds busy for a while!

Chicken & Rice Sticks Image

Chicken & Rice Sticks

A delicious meat treat made with 90% chicken breast meat!
There are NO biscuit or cereal ingredients.

Cod Skin Strips Image

Cod Skin Strips

Perfect for providing your dog with a satisfying tasty treat full of goodness, they have been air dried at low temperatures to preserve high nutritional values.

Cod and Salmon Sticks Image

Cod and Salmon Sticks

D Burns Premium Natural Fish Sticks are a delicious 100% fish treat that all dogs will love.

Dog Sausages Images

Dog Sausages

Burns Bangers are delicious sausage chews made with 100% meat and chicken and are a top doggy favourite.

Duck Grills Image

Duck Grills

Duck grills are made with 100% meat. There are NO biscuit or cereal ingredients. Duck grills are fresh and super tasty!

Flat Pork Belly Image

Flat Pork Belly

D Burn’s Flat Pork Belly are high in protein and low in fat, and is high in vitamins and minerals. It’s a delectable deli snack that’s been air-dried delicately to preserve all of its natural nutrients and flavours.

Lamb Grills Image

Lamb Grills

Lamb grills are made with 100% meat. There are NO biscuit or cereal ingredients, making these grills fresh and super tasty!

Lamb Trotters Image

Lamb Trotters

Lamb trotters are cooked and dried so the trotter keeps the delicious lamb flavour. This treat should keep your pet busy for while!

Large Moonbone  Image

Large Moonbone

Air dried beef cartilage. A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin; great for maintaining healthy joints. Moon bone is 100% natural and contains NO additives, flavourings or preservatives. A long lasting treat.

Meaty Burgers Image

Meaty Burgers

100% beef and full of protein. This delicious beefy treat contains no cereal ingredients, artificial flavours or preservatives and are completely natural.

Natural Rabbit Ears (with fur) Image

Natural Rabbit Ears (with fur)

A great all-natural chew for dogs with sensitive digestions.

Petaroni sticks Image

Petaroni sticks

Petaroni salami chew sticks are made with 100% meat. There are NO biscuit or cereal ingredients.

Pigs Ear Image

Pigs Ear

A good, wholesome treat for your dog to enjoy made from the highest quality Pork.

Puffed Chicken Feet Image

Puffed Chicken Feet

A healthy treat all round for your dog. Puffed chicken is gently air-dried which helps to preserve more vitamins and nutrients in the drying process.

Puffed Porky Snouts Image

Puffed Porky Snouts

Real pork, 100% natural nutrition.

Small Barbeque Beef Moonbone Image

Small Barbeque Beef Moonbone

Air Dried Beef Cartilage. A natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin – Good for Joints, cut into strips, then smoked. A long lasting chew.

Thin Jim Spaghetti Image

Thin Jim Spaghetti

Burns Spaghetti are long, thin sticks which are easy to break into small pieces. Ideal for pups or training. A Delicious Meat Treat Made With Tripe.

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