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Update 05/02/22

This week's update has been bursting with content and exciting. It has added many requested and brand new features by our brilliant development team. This update was focused on the mobile version of the website. It has seen complete redesigns of areas and huge changes. Read below to find out what we have added.

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New Mobile Menu

We have updated the mobile menu to have a more modern and immersive design. It now has some sub-pages otherwise inaccessible on mobile, updated social links site-wide and it now uses a heavier serif font. It is also full screen instead of snapped to the left side.

Redesigned Mobile Header

The header has received a few tweaks to offer more functionality and features to refine the mobile experience. It has seen the addition of the search button and a more subtle approach to the design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've added a brand new section to help our users get information faster. Now, for the most asked questions, you can instantly get an answer without wating for a response.

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Notable Mentions

Facebook products- we have imported our range of online products to our Facebook page with a live stock count, prices and sales. The products also have direct buy links to our website. 

Font change- we have changed the font on our website slightly to a serif-based, easier to read version for a more modern look. 

Issue changes- we are always fixing issues on the website. If you find an issue you would like to report, email

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